what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger #alamw15


I know blogging is dead (long live blogging), but in a few years it will probably be considered retro cool and those of us who kept up will be … oh whatever. So, I’m heading to Chicago in the winter for ALA midwinter 2015. Despite the cold it will be a good time. Rather than a schedule (because I never stick to it and really, who cares), here are my highlights. What are yours? Got time for a coffee with the lyndamk in that hectic weekend? If so, dm me.

  • Stumping for JP Porcaro for ALA President! JP is an old friend and a good guy with the charisma and care for leadership. Want to know more about his agenda for Pres? Stop by the booth. I’ll be there Friday after the exhibit opening (I think)
  • Writing for Against the Grain! Oh yeah, I’m press again this year. I love to write and I get to learn all about collections and stuff I would never learn on my own. Plus people see my press credentials and tell me their life stories. It’s a hoot.
  • My first ALA Awards Committee meeting! Very excited to award some awesome people. But I can’t say much more because it is all secret
  • Seeing old friends. Lots of old friends. And eating lots of good Chicago food
  • Superbowl! I’m not really excited about this, but it’ll be fun to hang with people who care. And I’m rooting for the Seahawks … Who are they playing?
  • Chicago in the winter! Januarys in the mid-west are why I fled Wisconsin. So good to be back for a short visit though.

Those are the highlights. What’s your plan for ALA?

yes I am going to be working in Vegas…promise. #alaac14 #alatt

Whichever wonderful soul decided to have ALA in Vegas gets mad props from me. I’ve never been, but that’s just it … I’ve never been!  Super excited. Want to travel now.

I haven’t been doing these posts lately, but I want to prove to my co-workers and family that I will be working … some 🙂  So here is my ALA schedule. I’ve reined my ambitious self in quite a bit this year. It will be gloriously low key compared to every other ALA. But if you know of something I should attend, let me know.

Thursday – Fly in and play … I mean network. Bar crawl while networking. Will get lots of business cards. 😉


  • 1 pm: GODORT Steering – I’m a co-chair of the GODORT Education Committee (Which recently put on this great webinar about sustainability and the government. You should check it out. Very informative.) Gotta go be a boss.
  • 3 pm: Emerging Leaders poster sessionCheck out these new awesome leaders!
  • 5ish pm: Conference kick off in the exhibit hall
  • 6 pm: GODORT social at Margaritaville (no joke. i’m going to order a margarita. just watch me.)



Monday – Going to the Hoover Dam!

Tuesday – fly out!

It is going to be awesome. What’s your ALA like?