NCLA GRS Webinar on Brexit Resources

Help! I’m an Accidental Government Information Librarian presents … The road to BREXIT, and the paths beyond
The Government Resources Section of the North Carolina Library Association welcomes you to a series of webinars designed to help us increase our familiarity with government information. All are welcome because government information wants to be free.
The United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community on 1st January 1973. On 5th June 1975, the Labour government of Harold Wilson held a referendum, which ratified the decision to join. On 26th June 2016, the Conservative government of David Cameron held another referendum (only the third in recent, British history), which resulted in the decision to withdraw from the European Union. In BREXIT, over 40 years of British constitutional evolution came to an abrupt halt.
This webinar will examine sources that chart the “road to BREXIT” and beyond. The webinar will discuss how such sources mark the United Kingdom’s often uneasy relationship with the EU (including its predecessors, the EC and EEC) and document the UK’s journey within the EU from 1st January 1973 to 26th June 2016. At time of writing, David Cameron’s successor, Theresa May, seeks re-election in a general election defined by BREXIT, while other British political parties advocate the need for further referenda on the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The road to the BREXIT referendum’s leave vote may have ended, but the pathways that stem from BREXIT are uncertain.
Howard S. Carrier completed an LL.B.(Hons.) and an LL.M. in the Law of Human Rights & Civil Liberties at the University of Leicester, thereafter working as Research Associate at the Business School of the University of Nottingham for projects investigating litigation funding and access to justice. Subsequently he taught Constitutional & Administrative Law as Lecturer in Law at the University of Sunderland, before relocating to the United States in 2005. His past dozen years include the MSLS program at UNC-CH SILS, and subsequent appointments as Reference Librarian at Valdosta State University, and his current post as Copyright Coordinator and Social Sciences Librarian at James Madison University.
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