Vote Local: My Candidates & Early Voting #GSOcitycouncil

Early voting for our municipal primary starts tomorrow! I urge you to consider Gary Kenton if you live in district 4. Nancy Hoffman is running a big campaign and this guy needs A LOT of help. He is a solid progressive candidate and he convinced me that he will listen to the constituents of our district. It’s time for a new voice for district 4.
Also, consider Dave Wils, Michelle Kennedy, Irving David Allen for Greensboro for At-Large. While the likelihood of more than one of them getting on the ballot is slim, let’s give them a chance!
The early voting schedule is tight so try to get in there early or on election day!

NC House and Senate votes during special session #ncga #ncpol

Some citizens on Twitter were requesting a list of #NCGA Representatives/Senators voting records against their re-election dates. All Senators and Reps go up for re-election in 2018, but with the US District Court decision in November, 28 districts must be redrawn and a special election held in March. Redistricting could, and is likely to, impact more than those 28 districts. All are assuming (I would assume) that they are going to need to run in the special election.

So, here is a spreadsheet of the House and Senate votes during the special session. I have linked to the webpages with the roll call and bill information for each bill in the top of each column. The most significant bills were HB 17 and SB 4. I will get to the Senate later tonight. If you see any mistakes or have questions, just tweet me at @lyndamk

We (the UNCG documents manager and I) have also created a spreadsheet with the contact info, social media links, and google news feeds for all Senators and Representatives. You can use this to contact your elected officials. If you don’t know your district, use this map.

An interesting thing to note is the lack of unity among the Democrats. This could indicate that people are less ideologically driven and more attuned to their constituents, but we need to start asking why they decided to vote the way they did. Your leaders should try to represent a wide base of constituent interests. If they don’t, hold them accountable and work to unseat them by speaking out, volunteering, donating, and voting.

Down ballot elections are your daily life. Never forget what your local and state leaders do.

Addition: If you want to run for NCGA, check out this FACT sheet from the NC State Board of Elections or if you want to run for local office.

NCLA GRS Making Elections Great Again!

NCLA’s Government Resources Section‘s latest webinar on Election Data and More is up on YouTube. Even though we all have election fatigue, students and researchers will be asking for election and voter turnout data. Jeremy from Princeton gives a great overview of the available resources (free and subscription) and talks about the accessibility of each resource for users of different skill levels (e.g., if they have stat software abilities or not). Definitely recommended for all types of research support librarians! You can see his slides and access links on Slideshare.

Sign up for our next webinar on International Government Survey Data and check out more of the Help! I’m an Accidental Gov Info Librarian series on YouTube.