Data analytics and library marketing at #SLA2018

This spring I was asked to present for the Special Libraries Association’s Leadership & Management Division at the annual SLA conference. They asked me to talk about big picture efforts to develop data analytics projects for marketing library services, two areas I find fascinating to learn about.

Using data driven analyses for developing marketing strategies is a broad topic and can (and should) encompass a wide variety of techniques. Sometimes we focus too narrowly on digital analytics or user engagement with our web presence. As such, some of the traditional but still useful approaches get lost or we don’t always invest in better professional development for those approaches, such as talking about market segmentation or survey writing and development. In addition, many universities have developed data analytics shops to support research projects, but using those shops for library marketing are rarer. And then there is the issue of terminology. We all do assessment to “prove value” but shouldn’t we use that assessment to shape our marketing strategies too? How do we do so effectively? How many libraries even have a marketing plan (and not a promotional plan)? UNCG has started in this area with our (relatively) new Director of Communications and Marketing. She is doing a great job, but her approaches have been quite new for us.

So, just some questions I was pondering when developing this presentation. I’ve gathered some resources together in an open zotero library. This includes some writings about the topic, examples, and tools. I am still adding items there from my research, so come back for more.

I also created a Padlet (a virtual chalkboard) for people to add their ideas. This didn’t seem to resonate as much with the SLA crowd, although there are a few ideas. If you are reading and have ideas, feel free to add. Also my slides are below the Padlet.

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