Qualitative Data conversation @IASSISTdata

IASSIST is running a blog post series on Qualitative Social Science Data. Part 2 has some great links for librarians and faculty working with qualitative data.

The posts are open to anyone and they are welcoming comments, especially for additional resources. Check it out!


Qualitative Social Science/Humanities at IASSIST

IASSIST 2017 was, as usual, an enlightening but exhausting conference. Getting to Lawrence, Kansas wasn’t the easiest process, but I’m glad I made it, and I plan to post notes as soon as I’ve slept in a non-dorm bed. We have notes from our Qualitative Social Sciences and Humanities Data Interest Group meeting if you are interested or missed out. It is a great group and I am excited about the plans in the works.

Below is my part of the panel that QSSHDIG (pronounced quish-dig) planned. More info is available about that on our google doc too.