Upcoming Help! webinar

This one is sure to be fun! Katharin is always a great presenter and has great jokes!

Help! I’m an Accidental Government Information Librarian presents … Introduction to Research Data Management for Librarians

The Government Resources Section of the North Carolina Library Association welcomes you to a series of webinars designed to help us increase our familiarity with government information. All are welcome because government information wants to be free.

What is it? Why should you care? What can librarians do about it? Webinar will present an overview of Research Data Management including: data management planning, how data fits into the research lifecycle and scholarly communication, and key resources/strategies for liaison librarians working with faculty and other researchers.

Katharin Peter is the Social Sciences Data Librarian for the Von KleinSmid Center Library for International and Public Affairs at the University of Southern California. She has a BA in Sociology, a Master’s in Library & Information Science, and a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science & Technology.

We will meet together online on January 18 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. (Eastern). Please RSVP for the session using this link: http://tinyurl.com/grs-session66

We will use WebEx for the live session. Information on testing and accessing the session will be made available when you register.

The session will be recorded and available after the live session, linked from the NCLA GRS web page (http://www.nclaonline.org/government-resources).